What I offer

For students

1:1 Lessons 🇩🇪 🇪🇸 🇸🇰

30 minutes


For those who want to start small. A great option for students with higher weekly frequency!

45 minutes


Most popular among my students.

60 minutes


Popular with pairs* and those who really want to take their studies seriously.

In my classes:

  • I regularly reflect on your current priorities and adapt the pace, lesson content and materials accordingly
  • Thanks to effective home preparation, we can use 90% of the time we spend for conversation
  • We’re not in school, so there’s no penalty for mistakes or missed assignments
  • We like variety, so in addition to the official classroom materials, you can choose from my favorites, as well as from favorite series, podcasts, and books of current and former students
  • We can use any of the languages I know as a working language – I have no problem answering your questions about German in English or teaching you Slovak through Spanish.
I put a lot of emphasis on making the lessons MEANINGFUL
…and that can mean something different for each student. Some people like to strive towards a specific goal through hard work, while others just might like their child to gradually build a positive relationship with language. Maybe you just want to learn for fun, but still use the time effectively. That’s why I always adapt to the situation of the particular student, finding a bit of order and structure even in seemingly banal conversations. After all, that’s what tailor-made lessons are all about.
*Do you have different prices when teaching two students at the same time (pairs)? What do you mean by effective preparation? Do I need anything special for my lessons? Here you will find the most common student questions

For tutors

  • I write a blog where I share tips and various situations from the language learning world
  • I create reels from the life of an online tutor
  • I offer space in the Teachers Community section and opportunities for closer collaboration
  • I am open to any friendly form of networking and exchange of experiences
Feel free to drop me a line, whether it’s a short email with a question or a free Zoom consultation!