About me

Me as a language student

I was lucky enough to have Slovak as my first language. A language that never ceases to fascinate me. Many times incredibly endearing, sometimes absurdly specific or harsh. I love this language so much that I’ve dedicated a whole podcast to it.

But, even as a teenager with big dreams, it was clear to me that I wouldn’t get very far in the wider world speaking only Slovak, so I hunkered down and worked on my English first. I successfully completed the International Baccalaureate programme in English, but as my choice of university landed in Austria, German became more important.

Even before moving to Vienna, I attained my Goethe C1 certificate and now German is the language of my studies and everyday life. As if that weren’t enough, I also learned Spanish (DELE C1) in my spare time, which, in turn, opened up a whole new range of possibilities in my personal life.

Later, when I started teaching languages as a freelancer, I realized that there is no one-size-fits-all method for all students. Since then, I’ve been helping students find their own way in German, Spanish, and Slovak. Whether it’s German crime novels, Spanish psychology podcasts or Slovak rap, which I haven’t quite caught on to yet myself.

Me as a teacher

As a child from a teachers family, I swore I would have nothing to do with education. Thanks to my somehow sketchy experience with group language courses and to the pandemics, I discovered the magic of 1:1 lessons, which have become my element. And I believe you will also see their numerous advantages.My previous experience enabled me to help a number of students advance their German, but I equally love teaching my 2 matters of the heart – Spanish and Slovak.

Whether you call me a teacher, conversation partner or mentor, I will always be happy to give you relevant recommendations for your situation and, most importantly, allow you to express yourself unhindered in a new language. It is most rewarding for me to see how my students move from simpler conversations to more and more complex topics, allowing them to be themselves in a new language.

Me as a person

I don’t always sit behind a laptop and work with students on their language skills. Apart from my freelance business, I also study software engineering and if the time allows me, I read, write and explore new places, people and perspectives. I love exploring Vienna and (local) architecture, I appreciate good design and good conversations. I’m a bit of a podcast freak and have a soft spot for reggaeton, Nordic countries and cringe Austrian commercials.