My Classes

What languages and levels do you teach?
German, Spanish and Slovak. I teach all the way from complete beginners (A1) to reaching the advanced (C1). For the higher levels, where students are already able to communicate fluently, I act more as a language coach than a language teacher. At a C1/C2 level, we deal with practical matters regarding learning development – for example, I help students find a suitable native speaker, if applicable.
How do your classes work?
That also depends on you, your ideas, and your goals. But in most lessons we work, as one student summed it up, using a guided learning method – I recommend material to work on at home and we go over your questions and focus on communication in class (even at the lower levels). If you are interested in learning more about how my classes work in detail, please follow the YouTube link at the bottom of this page.
What does the homework look like?
This also depends on your preferences and time availability. Some people prefer using digital materials while others prefer a paper textbook. Some need a portfolio of materials to work with on a daily basis while others only need to watch a short video outside of class.
What do you mean by maximum efficiency?
Efficiency in terms of content and form.

Content efficiency means adapting to your specific situation – logically we’re not going to address office situations with a teenager, just like I’m not going to shove travel vocabulary down your throat just for the sake of teaching it.

Effectiveness of form – I’m of the opinion that you don’t need a teacher to hold your hand while doing exercises, reading texts or listening to recordings. That’s why I usually supply these types of assignments to students as part of their homework (along with solutions and transcripts) so that we don’t waste your time during class. However, if you prefer more of the “classical teaching” style, I’m more than happy to incorporate elements that you’re used to into your lessons.

Do you also teach grammar?
Grammar is an integral part of the language, which is why I will also supply it to you in the course of our collaboration (most often in the form of video explanations and self-correcting exercises). In class, I am then ready to answer your uncertainties or to practise anything you may have struggled with. When speaking, I then only correct you on things you have already encountered and that are relevant to your level.
Do I need a textbook?
It’s important to know yourself – is it more sustainable for you to work with digital materials or are you more of a paper type? I will tailor the materials we work with accordingly. You won’t have to buy any book, unless, of course, you want to.
Do you prepare students for certificates as well?
As a long-term student of mine, if you decide to confirm your level with an exam, I will be happy to set up lessons of a preparatory nature afterwards. But if you’re just looking to start taking lessons specifically to prepare for an exam, I would recommend you to check out my blog, where you’ll also find various exam tips.
Who do you work with?
I have experience teaching children, teenagers, my peers, millennials and people my parents’ age. However, I currently only work with candidates aged 13 and over.
Am I the right fit?
I don’t provide short-term help with assignments, translations and tests. I also work on a very limited basis with people who have an irregular rhythm to their lives (e.g. shift work/frequent travel) who can’t regularly have class at a stable time.
What is your educational background?

As I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree (BSc. Software & Information Engineering, TU Wien) in tandem to freelance teaching, my highest educational attainment to date is the International Baccalaureate Diploma. I have deliberately avoided receiving university education in teaching and languages, because many institutions have, in my opinion, fallen asleep to the times and stick to ossified principles that are not sufficient for modern society. I hold, however, both the Goethe C1 and DELE C1 certificates, and have the experience of hundreds of lessons under my belt.

You can find my certificates under:


How much do your lessons cost?

14€/30 minutes, 21€/45 minutes, 28€/60 minutes. I do not offer quantity discounts.

What length/frequency of classes do you recommend?
This depends on your goals. For example, if you want to make significant progress in six months, I recommend a minimum of 2×45 minutes weekly. But with most students, we see each other once a week, in varying class lengths (30/45/60 minutes). Please keep in mind, I don’t teach any specific student more than 3 hours per week.
Is it possible to learn something in 30 minutes?
Definitely yes! Students use mini lessons in the following cases:

– learning is just a hobby for you, you have other priorities, and you don’t care how fast you progress
– complete beginners – at this stage, in addition to learning a new language, you also need to focus on creating a system and setting aside time for learning. That’s why it’s good not to overdo it
– maintaining an advanced level of language through conversation

How does the payment work?
Payment is made in advance – the first 3 hours are paid individually, the following through packages (minimum 4 lessons). If making payment to an Austrian bank account is inconvenient for you, I also accept payments via Revolut and Paypal.
Can you also issue an invoice to the company?
I always issue an invoice for the student. In the case of a business, I would need your VAT number. I require each student to contact me directly to arrange all lessons, and do not accept scheduling from third parties (i.e. secretary, etc.).
Do you also teach pairs?
Only if you are at the same level. The price in that case is 24€/45 minutes or 32€/60 minutes.
Is it possible to cancel a lesson?
As standard, a lesson can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the lesson time, otherwise it is considered to have been taken. However, with long term students we can usually come to a rescheduling agreement, because after all – life.
What is your typical availability?
You can find all available times on the Calendly booking system. I do not teach on weekends.
Do you also tutor in person?
I only tutor online, via Zoom (alternatively Skype/other messaging platforms).
Are there any special skills required for lessons?
No special technical knowledge required, just a basic level of the Google product suite (Gmail, Drive, Docs – I’m happy to instruct you if necessary). For the most convenience, it is ideal to have lessons from a PC, though, in principle, it is no problem for you to take the lesson using your mobile phone. It is also a great advantage for you to have a good command of English – this will increase the amount of material that I can recommend.