What my students are saying

Las clases con Filip son muy entretenidas, he aprendido muchísimo desde que empecé a dar clases con él hace 5 meses. Mi nivel al comenzar era prácticamente nulo, y en estos meses no solo he aprendido la gramática y vocabulario suficientes para mantener conversaciones, sino que también he cogido mucha confianza para hablar en Alemán gracias a las clases. Con Filip las clases son muy entretenidas, y aprendes el idioma sin realmente darte cuenta. En mi caso, me envía unas tareas semanales para revisar (actividades de gramática, vocabulario o vídeos, que normalmente tardo unos 30 minutos o menos en hacer, pero son didácticos y amenos), y después en la clase hablamos sobre el tema y le consulto posibles dudas que me hayan podido surgir. También, después de la clase me envía todas las palabras de vocabulario que han aparecido en estas conversaciones en la clase y que yo no conocía previamente, para que sepa cómo se escriben y pueda revisarlas. Esta metodología me gusta mucho, ya que hace que aprovechemos al máximo el tiempo de la clase, y aprenda Alemán de una forma entretenida pero muy eficaz, por lo que recomiendo al 100% las clases con Filip para aprender un idioma.

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Filip has not only given my Spanish home learning a structured feel, but I have already been able to use what we have learned together in my travels in Central America. We started basically from scratch and I can only rate our lessons very positively. My homework always consists of a pre-shared checklist that includes audio recordings, sentences to translate, a video/mini-series, an article that we then work with, and exercises either online or in worksheet form. Of course, it always also provides me with a theoretical background of the topic we are currently working on.
The tutoring process is always very creative, meaningful and adapted to the activities I have managed to prepare for, even including games, quizzes or practice of my weaknesses. We discuss the series I watched, the attached text or real life situations that are related to the current topic. A flexible, humorous, yet serious and professional approach is what you can expect

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I can’t praise Filip enough! Filip is a very high-quality teacher, one of the very few, who was able to adapt very quickly and well to my pace of study. His lessons are fun, he works with multiple teaching modalities, and we don’t just stick to the typical textbooks and workbooks from a school environment. Instead, we watch videos, listen to podcasts, talk, and of course work on grammar and vocabulary. The only prejudice I had in the beginning was his age, but after the first lesson I understood that his approach was more motivated and serious than teachers a generation his senior. So I highly recommend his lessons!


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My twin boys have had a lot of teachers, but it was only with Filip that we were happy to stick with one. I have to praise him very much for every lesson as he is perfectly prepared. He guides the boys through different activities and they have assignments outside of class as well. Although he is still in university himself, I dare to write that he is better than a professional teacher. He can explain the material very clearly and knows what today’s youth needs. By being a student himself, he can put himself in the role of a teenager and set up the lessons to make them interesting for the student. I recommend Filip with no hesitation as a top teacher.


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Filip is very organized and efficient. With him, time is used very well, not only during class time, but also when doing homework. In my case, I wanted to study a Slavic language without dying in the attempt. I have little free time and for me it is important to feel that I am not wasting it. With Filip I have made very fast progress because his methodology is not the typical one of going over something 20 times, but instead goes straight to the point. Although Filip is very responsible, his classes are also fun and the time is used very well. He selects the tasks and the material to work on well and varies them according to my improvement in order to consolidate all aspects of the language.


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We chose Filip to teach our son German and we are very happy with the results of his regular work! Filip is always a punctual, prepared, and responsible teacher who has taught our son a lot. Alex is finally looking forward to German lessons – in his own words the lessons are “much more enjoyable than at school and we have also done 100 times more”. Thank you!

Marcela & Alex

learning German

German is just a hobby for me at the moment, and my attitude often corresponds to that – I’m hopelessly lazy 🙂 Nevertheless, Filip always manages to keep me interested and to stimulate me to take up German in my free time. I have to say that this is definitely the best German tutoring experience I’ve had in my life. I had been taking German on and off since high school but without a significant shift until I came across Filip. The lessons were very fun, stress-free, and in addition to the professional approach, I’m finally slowly getting rid of my anxiety about speaking German. Moreover, the topics of the conversations were always chosen with me in mind and the lessons were always directed to benefit me as much as possible. Filip is extremely knowledgeable across a wide range of topics and can also help with professional language development. He is also able to convey grammar and sentence structure issues in German in a way that does not cause trauma – on the contrary, it is very easy to think in the language. Highly recommend!


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I’ve been having Slovak lessons with Filip for a year now and I love them! I am a Spanish teacher myself, so I can confirm that he speaks fluent Spanish. This was a great plus, because he could teach me Slovakian basics in my other tongue (my native language) and we could start from the beginning. During the lessons, we followed a communicative approach using a variety of materials and activities of all sorts (i.e. songs, pictures, videos, etc.) He adapts to your needs, respecting the “silent-periods” that might come up in the first classes, motivating you to speak and to use the language appropriately. Besides that, he also offers you homework for between classes, which are very useful to add to your progress. But, undoubtedly, what makes you hooked to his classes is his attitude: he is very approachable and fun, so it is impossible to get bored during the class. This does not mean that we do not learn or that he is not serious – quite the opposite – because if you are comfortable and calm you learn much more. In addition, the classes are very interesting because he always brings cultural insights that complement the language. He also teaches you more colloquial vocabulary that you can maybe hear or use, and we talk about current or important topics that have relevance to me. All in all – perfect!


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German lessons at the B2 level with Filip helped me to overcome my insecurities with regards to speaking German and also to consolidate and improve my grammar. I never get bored in the lessons – Filip always makes sure that each lesson is different in content and methodology, and I get a lot of recommendations and materials (textbooks, videos, series, various exercises) from him for independent work outside of our lessons. We always talk about relevant topics, and Filip sets up the lessons in such a way that I never feel like I have to force myself to talk about something just to speak German, but the conversation is conducted very naturally and you learn a lot at the same time. Filip is always very attentive to giving feedback and is very willing to adapt the lessons according to his student’s needs and requirements, and to modify this during the tutoring session. Overall, I highly recommend tutoring with Filip – he is very thorough, professional, and friendly! 🙂


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Thanks to Filip’s German tutoring, I went from A1 to B2 in a year and a half. In the beginning I went to a language school, which was a complete waste of time, and personal tutoring with Filip was the best decision I could have made. I decided to learn German because I wanted to work as a doctor in Germany and I can confirm that the lessons with Filip prepared me well for this goal. Even though my medical studies were extremely time consuming, Filip was very flexible and realistically adjusted my learning plan to my availability, while at the same time remaining intensive. A nice surprise was that, after only six months of lessons with Filip, when I took a trip to Germany, I was already able to put my knowledge to work thanks to Filip’s tutoring. This of course only motivated me even more. Filip’s lessons are exactly what I was looking for. Friendly, creative, and at the same time, systematically organized to quickly get me using the language.


learning German

I took mini-classes with Filip when I needed to catch up on long-forgotten basics. Thanks to him, I finally found out that vocabulary can be learned in a different way than going through endless columns, or that grammar can be taught in a nice systematic way. Filip recommended an appropriate textbook and exercises for me at my level. Our sessions were some of the most effective language tutoring sessions I’ve had so far (to give you an idea, in February I couldn’t even understand the short caption next to an Instagram photo, and by May I was able to understand newspaper lifestyle texts). Filip was also very patient with my weaker ability to express myself in German, as well as with my busy and intermittent schedule. I definitely recommend him.


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I’ve been having regular tutoring sessions with Filip for the last 7 months or so, and I feel like it’s given me more than years of German lessons at school did. I had some basic grammar, but it wasn’t until the first tutoring session that I started to communicate in German and there was always enough conversation in the lessons, especially about daily life and simple topics. As I remember well, my beginning was very difficult, and that’s why I was always especially glad for Filip’s patience. We also covered some new grammar in every lesson, for which he always sent me practice exercises. I found it very positive that we always talked about some series or podcast as well, for which I got a lot of recommendations from him. It’s a completely different form of learning than what we come into contact with at school and I enjoyed it very much and definitely plan to continue it on my own. Overall, I rate his approach very positively and the lesson preparation has always been perfect on his part. And although I was naturally stressed in the beginning, as I was uncomfortable with German, that gradually changed completely and even my overall opinion of German changed for the better. I can definitely see the progress in myself, which is why I definitely recommend Filip as a tutor.


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I started learning German with Filip on a whim and gradually I grew to like the language so much that my friends are often confused about what I see in the language. I owe my progress mostly to our tutoring – the lessons are always fun and I look forward to them because I always learn something new. In between the lessons, I watch series and listen to podcasts. We always talk about these in the next lesson, which helps me a lot with my speaking. Also, explaining new topics with examples in English or Spanish, which Filip also knows, helps me a lot. I highly recommend him!


learning German

Filip fully adapted the lessons to my pace and my requirements. A big plus for me was that we didn’t learn mechanically from any book, but rather worked on practical and current topics aimed at developing conversation. The individual approach, focused on my needs, kick-started me into learning Spanish in ways other than what I was taught at school. Thank you 🙂


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I contacted Filip to teach me German, a language which I had almost completely forgotten after 15 years of not using it, despite several years of taking German at school. I admire his ability to find his way around the huge gaps that have appeared over the years and to adapt the lessons so that they are gradually filled. The biggest problem was to start communicating in German, but the lessons with Filip are very pleasant in style, which motivates you to not be afraid and to try to speak. Overall, the classes with him are fun, using an approach that one wasn’t exposed to in school (series, podcasts, songs, social networks, etc.). In addition, Filip has a sense of humour that can lighten up any lesson. All in all, time and money very well spent.


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Filip is an excellent teacher. Lessons with him are fun. He emphasizes conversation. He adapts the way he teaches according to the needs and interests of the student. He uses a variety of materials and real-life situations in his lessons. Both the approach and the way of teaching is very professional.


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Always well prepared, Filip is willing to explain anything several times in a different way so that the person understands it and he is never surprised by any question. The lessons are always a mixture of what we agreed upon, what I want, and what Filip thinks suits me best. Lessons with him are always engaging and fun, so I definitely recommend them.


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Filip has been a great help in my Slovak language learning. His focus is on meeting my individual needs and making sure I understand what mistakes I am making and how to improve. I have enjoyed the various activities we do and the intentionality and creativity he brings to the language learning process.


learning Slovak

I had some classes with Filip for my C1 Slovak exam. They were very high quality and pleasant lessons. We practiced conversation, pronunciation, and creating more complex sentences, while also performing role-plays and working with articles. All of this definitely helped me to pass my exam – I highly recommend him!


learning Slovak

Filip is a great teacher – the lessons are creative, interesting, and help you progress. In school there are always high and low moments when learning a language, but with Filip there were only highs.


learning German

Filip makes learning the language very clear and memorable for me. I like his fun manner, which had a very motivating effect on me. He is also happy to respond to special requests on certain topics, which I occasionally have. I am happy to recommend him.


learning German

Most of all, I thank Filip for kick-starting my German learning. He always adjusts the lessons to make them as effective as possible. Even in such a short time, I have found him to be an excellent tutor and an equally great person.


learning German

When I moved abroad I was forced to speak German, and I had only a weak foundation, so it was difficult. I am incredibly happy that I chose Filip, because the lessons were never boring, he was considerate and, thanks, in part, to him, I found a job where I use the German language every day.


learning German

Effective, fun and perfectly structured lessons. Thank you very much.


learning Slovak

Filip knows his stuff.


learning Slovak

What my teachers are saying

I can only imagine what a great teacher you are as you are such a diligent student. I love your dedication to learning the language in all of its many intricacies and appreciate your direct and to-the-point attitude. I am always impressed by the amount of preparation you put into your language lessons and I am always inspired to do more for my own students.


New Jersey

I only have a few students who are as motivated and interested as you are!



It’s always fun to talk to you about such challenging and specific topics. Thanks for the German tips and for giving me the opportunity to learn even more about my own language!


Buenos Aires